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Jig precision cleaning process diagram

Cleaning process

The cleaning process is carried out mainly by experienced staff on a dedicated in-house line.
Utilizing the technology and know-how that we have cultivated over many years of cleaning, we will respond not only to quality, but also to high recovery rates and short delivery times.
Analysis is also performed in-house under strict management.
Compared to other companies, we have achieved a beautiful finish and a high collection rate.
By all means, please check the finish and recovery rate by evaluating the actual sample.



Precious metal recovery business in vacuum equipment

Vacuum film deposition equipment such as vapor deposition equipment and sputtering equipment also adheres film metal to the internal parts of the equipment.
In order to maintain the environment inside the equipment, precision cleaning is required to remove and regenerate the precious metal film adhered to the internal parts on a regular basis.
Precise cleaning extends the life of parts, improves yields by cleaning inside equipment, and reduces costs.
We recover and refine the precious metals that have been peeled off during the cleaning of equipment parts, and process them again into deposition materials (vapor deposition materials, sputtering targets).
The precious metal recovery business is completed by returning it as a film-forming material.

Recycling precious metals from industrial waste

Precious metal recycling

Effective utilization of limited resources is one of the important issues in the global environment.
We collect precious metals from used electronic parts, IC scraps, etc.

A recovery and refining system that produces high-purity precious metals with a high recovery rate, placing the utmost importance on safety, security, and trust.

Our precious metal recycling system makes effective use of valuable resources.
For scrap containing precious metals requested by manufacturers in Japan and overseas, we carry out everything from the pretreatment process of pulverizing and firing to the refining and refining process of separating and extracting precious metals at our own factory that boasts a strict confidentiality system and an extremely high recovery rate.
We manufacture industrial precious metal products such as various processed products and chemical products from the high-purity ingots obtained in this way.