Industrial precious metal manufacturer Genergy Co., Ltd.


Genergy is a company that produces vitality and energy

Genergy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 with the aim of contributing to the development of the high-tech industry through the supply of industrial metals and raw materials.
Since then, based on the free ideas of each and every employee, we have demonstrated creativity and agility to deliver a number of epoch-making products that are in line with the times.
With the theme of taking on the challenge of change rather than accepting the changes of the times, we will develop broader and more powerful corporate activities, and under the frontier spirits that anticipate the future, we will always look to the "future" and meet everyone's needs. We are responding to.


Obtained ISO approval

Registration number ISO9001:JQ3421/ISO14001:JE1011
Registration date October 1, 2004
Registered business name Genergy Co., Ltd.
Scope of application
  • Cleaning of jigs for thin-film deposition equipment and sputtering equipment
  • Target manufacturing
  • Manufacture of thin-film deposition materials
  • Business registration agency JIA-QA Center