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Company Name GENERGY Co., Ltd.
Location 5214-11 Nakaminowa, Minowa-machi, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture 399-4601 Japan
Founded November 2, 1988
Capital 99 million yen
Representative CEO Kimihiko Takeuchi
Business content Manufacture and sale of industrial metals and materials (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc.)
Sales and maintenance of vacuum vapor deposition related equipment
Sales of industrial chemical products and sales of industrial chemicals
Business partner Crystal oscillator maker, semiconductor maker, watch maker, scientific parts maker
Telephone number +81 265-79-0113
Fax number +81 265-79-0163
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From Tokyo [Car] Chuo Expressway → 10 minutes from Ihoku IC
[Train] Shinjuku Station → Azusa → Transfer to the JR Iida Line at Okaya Station → Sawa Station → 10 minutes by taxi
From Nagoya [Car] Chuo Expressway → 10 minutes from Ihoku IC
[Train] Nagoya Station → Shinano → Transfer to Shinonoi Line at Shiojiri Station → Transfer to JR Iida Line at Okaya Station → Sawa Station → 10 minutes by taxi

Management policy / ISO policy

Management policy

Our basic company policy, whose main business is to manufacture and sell industrial precious metal materials for electronic components, is as follows.
1.We are sensitive to customer needs and strive to provide products and services that satisfy our customers.
2.We will always consider the environmental impact of our business activities and strive to protect the global environment.
3.Always recognizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), each and every employee conducts activities in compliance with laws and regulations.

Quality policy

1.Always consider customer satisfaction and act accordingly.
2.By obtaining customer satisfaction, we will secure the orders necessary to carry out sound corporate management.
3.Perform business that meets all requirements.
4.Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system for all employees.
5.Set quality targets that correspond to the quality policy and work to achieve the targets.

Environmental policy

1.Evaluate the environmental impact of our business activities (manufacturing and sales of targets / cleaning of vapor deposition equipment / jigs (bonding plates, etc.), gold recovery, manufacturing and sales of purification / vapor deposition materials), technically and economically. To the extent possible, set environmental objectives and targets and promote continuous improvement of the environmental management system.
2.Thoroughly prevent pollution not only in routine work but also in non-routine work and in emergencies such as accidents.
3.We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations and our customers' environmental requirements (environmental guidelines).
4.Contribute to the environmental conservation of local communities.
5.Show environmental goals, try to achieve them, and review them by management.
6.Due to the importance of environmental education, we will carry out educational activities for all employees and related parties.

Spring 2023

Genergy Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kimihiko Takeuchi