This is the site of Genergy Co., Ltd.

Social contributions

Harmony and coexistence with the natural environment and social contribution

Metal resources support IT companies.Genergy uses high technology to enable the reuse of metal resources, through which we will work to conserve the limited natural resources of humankind as a whole.
At the same time, we believe that the conservation and improvement of the resource environment is also a major theme for contributing to society.And we are actively working to contribute to the local community.

Approach to the natural environment

One example is the practice of flowering trees with the awareness and gratitude of being a member of the local community.


Effective utilization of limited resources is one of the important issues in the global environment.
At our company, we collect precious metals from used electronic parts, scraps of ICs, etc. and reuse them. As we make it possible to reuse it, we are focusing on activities to increase the amount of reuse.
In addition, we are engaged in corporate activities based on the free ideas of each and every employee.
Furthermore, we will exert our creativity and agility, develop a wider range of corporate activities with an attitude of taking on the challenge of change, and strive to lead to economic growth.
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