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Product information

High-purity, high-density Genergy target material

Sputtering target material

Our targets have higher metal strength than other companies' targets and do not deform due to heat.
In particular, the gold target has been reborn as a high-density target with excellent film thickness formation uniformity by applying a high-precision mirror finish and using a unique special manufacturing method.
We provide high quality sputtering targets for crystal device electrode membranes.
We also handle other materials.
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Other materials Au・Ag・Pt・Ni・Ni-Cr・Cr…etc.

Vacuum-deposited material that meets various needs

Vacuum-deposited material

Consumables for vapor deposition

Other materials W Filament Hearthliner Boat…etc.

Pellet shot (Sasabuki)

We provide high-purity metal film deposition materials that meet the needs of the rapidly evolving electronics industry.
In addition to stable quality, we also provide a stable supply of materials that meet the standards used by our customers.
Please feel free to contact us for any requests.

Other materials Au・Ag・Pt・Sn・W・Ni…etc.

Applications of target materials and vacuum-deposited materials

Sensors and various electrode films

Bonding process

Bonding process

We also accept bonding of the sputtering target material to the backing plate.
We also support from the collection of used target materials to the rebonding process.
We also accept new backing plates.